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Frequently Asked Questions

Under normal service conditions, for changes due to COVID-19 see here.

+ Booking

You can book by filling out the online form on the site (choosing the accommodation and / or pitch of interest). For more information write to

No, there are not.

Yes, it is. The deposit amounts to 25% of the total amount of the stay and can be paid by bank transfer or credit card through pagonline.

In the event of cancellation, the entire deposit will be refunded if the resort receives notification by fax, registered letter or e-mail at least 30 days before the date of arrival. The cost of returning the deposit is paid by the customer. The deposit will be returned within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the cancellation. No reimbursement is due to those who cancel within 30 days before the beginning of the booked stay or for no-show.

For changes due to Covid-19 see here

By accessing the reserved area on the homepage using your access credentials.

Yes, there are. More information here

Yes. Tourist tax is now € 0.55 per person per day and is collected by the resort together with the balance of the stay.

More information here.


+ Reception, Silence Time, Check-In and Check-Out

Reception is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, and the Cash Desk is open daily from 8 am to 12 pm and from 4 to 7 pm (payment must be made one day before departure).

Each guest (aged 0 to +100 years) must show proof of identity (passport, identity card or driving licence) for registration in accordance with the law.

The document will be returned to you immediately after your details have been recorded. We will not accept guests (even minors) without an identity document.

No documents will be taken except for the time necessary for check-in.

At check-in each guest (including minors) will be given a nominal Camping Pass and will wear an identification wristband.

The ID wristband is important for the safety of guests, and without it, you cannot enter or stay in the resort.

Yes, there is. From 1 to 3 pm and from 11 pm to 7 am. During these hours it is not possible to drive inside or outside of the resort (only the pedestrian gate is open), make noise or listen to radio/TV at high volume.

No. If the guest wants to go out of the resort during the silence time, he/she will have to park the vehicle in advance outside the resort and walk to it.

The only exception is for emergency vehicles (ambulance, doctor, etc.).

No. After check-out (maximum time for lodging: 10 am; maximum time for pitches: 12 pm) the lodging or pitch and also the resort must be left, otherwise an extra day will be charged.

It is not allowed to re-enter the resort after the check-out.

Yes, it is. View offers here

There is the night security from 11 pm to 7 am. You can contact the whatchmen directly or call the number displayed at the information points of the resort.

In resort displayed on the bulletin board at the entrance, or here.

+ Payments

The Cash Desk is open daily from 8 am to 12 pm and 4 to 7 pm.

The balance must be paid one day before departure, during Cash Desk hours (8 am-12 pm / 4-7 pm).

Cash up to € 1.999,00 (in accordance with Italian law). Cards, such as: Pagobancomat, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. Cheques are not accepted.

+ Pets

No. Guests who violate this rule will be removed immediately.

+ Parking

Yes. The parking outside the resort has about 15 spaces and is free and unattended. Please note: In high season there is not always space.

Yes. The parking is after road 35, it is unattended and is subject to charges (view “Extra car or motorcycle” on the Pricelist).

+ Beach

Yes. The resort has direct access to the beach, so it is no necessary to leave the resort to reach the beach.

No. The beach is not equipped, so there is no possibility to rent beach umbrellas or sunbeds. Each guest must have his own equipment, which can remain installed only during the hours of use of the beach (beach umbrellas and sunbeds cannot be left on the beach on night).

No. Each guest brings their own equipment and positions themselves wherever they want.



+ Lodging

The availability of the lodging is guaranteed from 5 pm.

However, you can check in from 10 am (except from 1 to 3 pm) and wait for the availability of the accomodation (using the services of the resort such as beach and/or restaurant, but not staying near the lodging).

Check-in can be done until 10 pm. In case of impossibility to reach the resort within this time, guests must notify the Reception by calling (+39) 041.966145. Check-out time is from 7 to 10 am (after checking the house by the resort Staff).

From about 200 to 100 meters depending on the type of maxi caravan chosen.

About 300 meters.

Yes, there is. Each house has a parking space for 1 car. Second cars can be parked in the outdoor car park (if there are spaces available) or in the paid and display parking (view “Extra car or motorcycle” on the Pricelist).

No. The rate is already inclusive of water, gas and electric energy consumption.

On the page of each house, by clicking on "other info" and "equipment".

Yes, they have (except the Stein Bungalows). Air conditioning is managed through ClimaCard®.

ClimaCard® is a system through which is managed the use of air conditioners through preloaded cards that are given to guests at check-in, after a deposit of € 10.00. The card, loaded with credit equal to 6 hours per day for the days of actual stay, must be inserted in the reader installed near the air conditioner, for its activation. During the operation of the compressor, the ClimaCard® is progressively discharged of the inserted minutes.

When the loaded units are exhausted, the guest can recharge the card at the Reception. The rate for a 1-day recharge - equal to 6 hours of operation - is € 3.00.

Yes, there is. The customer service for a possible failure of the air conditioner, intervenes within 48 hours from the verification of the fault. No refund is due for the malfunction.

Yes, but only in some lodging. In the bungalows type Chalet Marina or Baby Casa. In all maxi caravans (Elegance, Prestige, Cottage).

Yes, only for the lodging.

More information here.

yes. The resort provides free of charge, until stocks are exhausted, baby camp cots and bed rails for the guests of the lodging. However, because of their size, the baby camp cots, can only be placed in the single bedroom of the Chalet Marina and Baby Casa bungalows, or in the living room of the mini bungalows (reducing the space) and in the maxi caravans (The most comfortable is the Maxi Caravan Elegance).

No. You can find a bathroom with WC and shower box in all maxi caravans (Elegance, Prestige, Cottage); bathroom with WC and shower with curtain in Bungalow Chalet Marina, Bungalow Baby Casa and Mini Bungalow Maxi Jolly. Only bathroom with WC (without shower) in the Jolly and Mini Chalet mini bungalows. Stein bungalows do not have bathroom. For details see the individual webpages of the lodging.

Yes. More information here

Final cleaning is included if the guest returns the accommodation clean and tidy (floor swept, dishes washed, beds made, trash thrown out). Our Staff is authorized to make an inspection before the departure of the guests.

If the accommodation is not returned clean and tidy will be charged € 60,00 for final cleaning.

yes. It is sufficient to request the final cleaning charge at the time of payment. The rate is € 60,00.


It is forbidden to use barbecues pits/grill inside the accommodation

Outside, only gas barbecues pits/grill are allowed, provided they do not disturb neighbours, are supervised and always comply with safety regulations.

We strongly recommend that you grill in the resort barbecue area (also using your own barbecue pits/grill), which is served by a suitable fire extinguisher.

No. Offenders will be charged € 100,00 for cleaning and sanitation.

Guests are allowed if they do not exceed the number of beds in the accommodation (see individual accommodation webpages) and have a minimum stay of 2 nights.

Sì. The resort has 3 recycling islands with containers for recycling (multi-material with includes glass/plastic/cans, non-recyclable waste, paper, organic waste) and containers for waste oil (blue bin).

Only under strict control.

All Elegance Maxi Caravans, Prestige Maxi Caravans (numbers 7-8-9 only) and all Baby Casa Bungalows have mosquito nets.

+ Pitches

Check-in times are from 12 to 1 pm and from 3 to 9 pm.

Check-out time is from 7 am to 12 pm.

If you arrive before 12 pm, you must wait for the availability of the pitch (the previous guest can stay until 12 pm).

Yes, there is. The minimum stay on a pitch is 2 night.

Type A pitches measure approximately 8x6 m and are delimited but, due to their shape, the space is not always fully usable (presence of trees, shape of the pitch, etc.).

Type B pitches measure approximately 8x8 m and are bordered by hedges.

Type C pitches measure approximately 10x6 m and are bordered by hedges.

Pitches of type Special measure approximately 120 m² and are bordered by hedges.

Sandy with grassy surface.

Each row of pitches is equipped with an electric column which serves from 4 to 6 pitches. To use it, you need an EEC adapter and an extension cord of about 20-30 metres.

The extension cord may not cross the road to be connected to the column on the pitches opposite and may not be buried.

Pitches type A, B and C have 6 amps, while Special Pitches have 10 amps.

Yes, they do. But only pitches of type C and Special have them. The cable to be used is the normal TV antenna cable, not satellite cable. The connection is located on the electricity supply columns.

In each pitch it is allowed to install a caravan with a veranda (or large tent), a car and a maximum of 5 people. The only exception is for a 2-person igloo tent (measuring approx. 2x1,5 meters) if there is enough space.

All equipment, including vehicles, must be placed inside the pitch.

Only if the second tent is an igloo tent (size approx. 2x1,5 m). If you have any doubts, please ask at the Reception.

No. Equipment must be positioned with the entrance side facing the road and at a distance of 50 cm from the hedge.

Only gas barbecue pits are allowed on the pitch, as long as they do not disturb the neighbours and as long as they comply with safety regulations.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you grill in the resort's barbecue area (including using your own barbecue pits/grill), which is served by a larger number of fire extinguishers.

Charcoal barbecues are not permitted on the pitch, but you can use the 3 bult-in barbecues of the resort.

All barbecues must be supervised and kept under control.


Guests are allowed if the maximum capacity of the pitch has not already been reached (5 people) and they must stay for a minimum of 2 nights.

There is only a camper dump station, without water supply (water supply is only on Pitches type C or Special Pitches).

It is included in the rate for guests staying at least 2 days. On request it can also be used by non-guests, but it costs € 50,00.

Sì. The resort has 3 recycling islands with containers for recycling (multi-material which includes glass/plastic/cans, non-recyclable waste, paper, organic waste) and containers for waste oil (blue bin).

Only under strict control.

+ Toilet facilities

No. The showers, equipped with H24 hot water, are included in the daily rate and can be used by all guests.

We guarantee the right availability of toilet facilities based on actual attendance, so not always all 4 toilet blocks can be open at the same time.

No. Only Toilets “D” and “F” have huts with Chemical Toilet inside (they are indicated with “ch” icon on the map of the resort).


+ Daily Guests and Guests

Sì. Only daily guests visiting guests already in the resort are admitted. They can only access on foot from 8 am to 10 pm, upon payment of the rate according to seasonality. Please note: Payment must be made during the Cash Desk hours (8 am-12 pm/4-7 pm). Each visitor (including minors) will have to wear an identification wristband and will return it by leaving the resort at the end of the day.

Guests are allowed if they do not exceed the number of beds in the lodging (see individual lodging webpages) or the maximum capacity of the pitch (max. 5 people) and have a minimum stay of 2 nights.

+ Services

Yes, there is.

The Wi-Fi connection has a speed suitable for messaging and social media and it is subject to a charge.

More information here.

Yes, there is. The ATM is located near the Reception.

Yes. At ATMs with your credit/debit card, or from retailers at Ca' Savio.

Yes, we do.

You can buy tickets for the bus routes in our municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, for the nearby municipality of Jesolo and for Marco Polo (Tessera) and Antonio Canova (Treviso) airports, as well as for Mestre rail station. Combined bus/boat tickets for Venice are also available.

Please note: The availability of tickets varies depending on the season and the lines in operation and is managed exclusively by the transport company. If tickets are not available in the resort, you can ask at tobacconists or at the bus station.

It is not possible to buy tickets on board.

Yes, there is. There is a barbecue area with 3 built-in barbecues for cooking with charcoal. Use is free and without reservation.

More information here

Yes. More information here

Yes. All guests of legal age can access it by leaving a name and taking the keys at the Reception. More information here.

Yes, there is.

An ironing board is made available to guests inside the laundry room. To request an iron for free, simply ask at the Reception and leave your name.

More information here

At the Reception. The employees will book the taxi with the chosen time and destination or will provide the requesting guests the taxi number, so they can book it themselves.

At Reception.

Yes. All the water in the resort is drinkable (including water from the fountains and pitches).

At the Mini-Market of the resort.

+ Animation and Sport

Yes, there is. During the 2021 season, the service is available from 01.07.2021 to 05.09.2021.

More information here

No. All entertainment activities are free of charge except Hobby Paint.

Yes, there is. The animation team organize the activities of the mini-club in various areas of the resort. There is also the evening baby dance at the entertainment area.


The programme is displayed on the information points located near the entertainment area and in front of the Mini-Market.

Yes, they do. Five-a-side football, bocce and beach volleyball.

More information here

+ Food and Restaurant

Yes, there is. The Restaurant Pizzeria Al Boschetto.

More information here

Yes, there is. More information here

No, we don’t. The first shop is about 5 km away.

No. You can buy newspapers in Ca' Savio, about 5 km away.

Yes. For the 2020 season: every Thursday near the Mini-Market from 5 to 7 pm.

+ Celiacs

At the resort "Restaurant Pizzeria Al Boschetto" you can find a dedicated gluten free menu, including pizza.

At the Mini-Market of the resort.

+ Vegan

At the resort "Restaurant Pizzeria Al Boschetto". By reservation only.

+ Cycle Tourism

Yes. There is. It is possible to reach the main towns of the municipality on foot and by bicycle.

The nearest is 500m from the resort (about 5 minutes’ walk).

Yes, there are. More information here.

+ Excursions, Venice and Jesolo

Yes, it is.

More info here

Via Bafile is about 15 km away.

More info here

Yes, there are.

More info here

At the bank in nearby Ca 'Savio.

At tobacconists. The nearest one is 2 km away.

Yes. In Ca' Savio there are two electric car recharging stations: one at the Punta Gialla supermarket and one Enelx station in Via Fausta n. 97.

The Medical First Aid Point is located in Ca' Savio, via Concordia n. 31.

It is 2.6 km away, about 6 minutes by car (how to get there

+ Disability



However, some accommodation has been used by people with disabilities.

You can find details with measurements here

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