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Typical local products

“California of Venice” is the name given to this fertile land in past centuries; in fact, here fruits and vegetables were produced and then sold at the Venice market, near Rialto.

In the Veneto Region there are 384 traditional agri-food products. These are products intended for human consumption whose processing, preservation and maturing methods are practiced homogeneously, following traditional rules and protracted over time (for a period of not less than 25 years).

The list of traditional Veneto products is included in the national list of traditional agri-food products, approved by the Ministerial Decree of February 15, 2021.

Regarding Cavallino-Treporti, the traditional agri-food products included in the List are:

  • Asparago verde amaro Montine (Montine bitter green asparagus): Production/harvesting period: mid-March -early June
  • Carciofo Violetto di Sant’Erasmo (Violet artichoke of Sant’Erasmo): Production/harvesting period: April-June
  • Cren (Horseradish): Production/harvesting period: tutto l’anno escluso agosto.
  • Fagiolino meraviglia di Venezia (Marvel of Venice bean): Production/harvesting period: May-November (excluding the hottest periods).
  • Giuggiolo di Cavallino (Jujube of Cavallino): Production/harvesting period: late September-mid-October.
  • Miele di barena (Sandbar flower honey): Production/harvesting period: annual production is rather uncertain as it is strongly affected by climatic conditions before and during flowering.
  • Pere del veneziano (Venetian pear): Production/harvesting period: mid-August-Frebuary depending on the variety.
  • Pesca bianca di Venezia (Venice white peach): Production/harvesting period: mid-July-early August.
  • Pomodoro del Cavallino (Cavallino tomato): Production/harvesting period: May-November.
  • Prodotti ittici delle valli da pesca venete (Fish products from the Venetian fishing valleys): Production/harvesting period: late Autumn.
  • Schille della laguna di Venezia (Lagoon sand shrimp): Production/harvesting period: Autumn-Winter.
  • Susina gialla di Lio Piccolo (Lio Piccolo yellow plum): Production/harvesting period: first half of July.


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