Our story

Our story begins back in 1948, thanks to the intuitive entrepreneurial vision of grandfather Erminio who, in those years, obtained the non-alcoholic sales license for his Osteria "Da Erminio" (where grandma Ines was the cook) and also the concession of the state-owned beach, in order to place a wooden bathing hut.

This was the first idea of "Boschetto", possible thanks to the privileged position where we are located: in the middle of the Cavallino-Treporti coastline, surrounded by nature and directly on the Adriatic Sea.

Later on, with more and more tourists coming to visit us for this holiday between “nature and beach” (here everything was cultivated as an orchard and the guests camped in the shade of peach trees), Grandfather rented two furnished rooms. This was the first concept of tourist accommodation, which - later - in 1962, thanks also to the support of our great-grandfather Clemente, will lead to the birth of Camping Village Al Boschetto.

In 1976 our father Renzo and his brothers took over the company, bringing with them innovation and modernity, but always maintaining the family character; an innovation was our father's plan to delimit the pitches to create more privacy for guests... Although the anecdote of those years that best remember long-time guests is our mother Jole's delicious lasagna that they enjoyed in the restaurant!

Naturalness and familiarity are values that we carried with us even when the entire management was entrusted to my father, mother and us children. It is an honour for us to carry on the teachings of those who came before us, and it was natural for us to work hard to get where we are today and make them proud of us.

Studying a lot, changing things, racking our brains until late, but always keeping our family values intact, each in his own field, each with his own specificity.

I don't want you to believe that everything was easy, because it wasn't, it isn't for any company and it isn't for any family: everything was earned with sweat and tears and many dreams.

Today, having inherited my father's role, I often find myself thinking about what he would do in my situation and, if I don't come up with any ideas, I turn the corner, walk into the restaurant and ask my brother to cook me a lasagna (which is a cook of course)!


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